Hi my loves, this is Hannah!


A 25-years-old Full-time food blogger who obsessed with veggie recipes & healthy desserts!

Bello! Cute Food is a food recipes website that celebrates plant-based and whole food diet! I hope this website can be a useful resource when it comes to healthy eating inspiring and creative recipes ideas! 




For a long period of time, I don’t have a good relationship as an obese girl since 11 years old. In my teenage and early 20s, every time when I see food, I can’t control but the food calories immediately pop up in my head. I always thought that all the yummy food in our world will make me fat and junk food addiction is the curse of my life.

Not until these years, I am finally IN LOVE with food and truly enjoy the happiness of cooking. When I adopt plant-based and whole-food eating, my weight just dropped to a healthy level and I feel way more refreshed and happier. There are no more calories counting days and I finally know how to maintain a good relationship with food.

I know I am certainly not alone when it comes to this experience, so this is why Bello! Cute Food was born! With easy yet creative healthy recipes, I hope my readers can find a refreshing new way to enjoy food without feeling guilty – which is not normal!

So yes, let’s enjoy real healthy food! 

“I am on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it!”

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