Rainbow smoothies for weight loss fat burning – Easy Healthy Recipes!

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If you are a smoothie lover like me, I am really curious to ask one thing – Have you ever get tired of drinking pretty much the same smoothie everyday? Well, if that’s you, this rainbow smoothie will be your new favourite!

Rainbow smoothie is more than just a pure aesthetic pleasure! As a lazy girl that always looking for the easiest recipe to try, it’s definitely not a problem if I drink the same kind of smoothie everyday! But what makes me concern is, I don’t want my body consume the same kind of vitamins and nutrients every single day. So, here’s why I am using this rainbow smoothie plan for my week! Everything is about taking a balance and I truly feel rainbow smoothie balance is incredibly useful when it comes to balancing my nutrient absorption!

Before get right into the smoothie, here are some questions you may want to know if you are a smoothie beginner! ( Trust me, this escalate really fast from a smoothie beginner to a smoothie addict …)


1. Do I need ice in the smoothie?

No, you don’t need to. While this is really a personal choice, I prefer using the frozen fruit to the smoothie for a frosty favour. This is not as cold as adding ice but at least it ensures the smoothie won’t dilute in an unexpectedly fast rate.

2. Do I need an Expensive Blender to Make Smoothies?

No, absolutely not!

But here’s my story. I always looking for a cheap blender in my early 20s and I always feel so proud of my purchase until it’s broken or not function as good as I expected. You may think this is ridiculous but one of the blenders was broken when I trying to make my almond milk. Few years down the road, I end up buying a different cheap blender for different purposes (some for hard veggies, some for fruits, and so on) and I realized that money really adds up for me to buy a multifunction blender!

Now I have a good quality blender and I am not using my previous blender anymore…

If you don’t want to complicate things and waste money here and there like me, I really suggest you buy a good quality and use it for many years! You really be grateful for your decision!

I know many of you are already using Vitamix blender already, but in case you need some suggestion, this one is really the durable one! Not to mention it’s so easy to clean!

3. How many types of smoothie out there?

While there are countless combination for smoothie, there are mainly three categories.

  • Fruit smoothies: Features one or more types of fruit blended with fruit juice, water, milk, or yogurt. This tends to be the sweetest among these three categories.
  • Green smoothies: Packed with leafy green vegetables and fruit blended with water, they are heavier in veggies. If you want to have your detox day, green smoothies are your best friend!
  • Protein smoothies: Aiming to train up the muscles, this smoothie is more protein oriented. Besides adding vegetables and fruit, it’s packed with a major protein source like yogurt, silken tofu, or protein powder. People always drink it before or after a workout.

4. What things you recommend to add to your smoothie?

I strongly, strongly suggest you add some seeds to your smoothie! They are extremely nutritious and these tiny seeds can actually make your smoothie way more fulfilling than you can treat this as a light breakfast!

Chia Seeds

  • Massive Amount of Nutrients With Very Few Calories
  • Loaded With Antioxidants
  • All the Carbs in Them Are Fiber – help digestion
  • Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Lower risk of heart diseases
  • Very fulfilling – reduce your food intake afterwards

Flax Seeds:

  • A rich source of lignans, which may reduce cancer risk
  • Healthy fats (omega-3s)
  • Adds a slight oily and rich flavor to the smoothie

Hemp Seeds:

  • Add slightly grassy flavour to your smoothie – which is really refreshing to drink in the morning
  • May benefit skin disorder
  • Great source of plant-based protein
  • Help with digestion

Source: Healthline

Alright, so I guess now is the time to try these smoothie recipes out!

1. Apple Smoothie with Raspberries

View full recipe on jessicagavin.com

It’s always a good idea to start your week with this vibrant red raspberry smoothie! Pack with tons of nutrient in just one glass, this is probably the fastest way to boost your energy in the morning! If you are busy moms, I am sure your kids will love this smoothie! I mean, all the kids love vibrant color!

If you want the recipe from time to time, feel free to add strawberry or even watermelon! Making smoothie is about getting creative! But Jessica’s recipe is always my favourite when it comes to red smoothie, check that out!

2. Carrot Ginger Turmeric Smoothie

View full recipe on minimalistbaker

Well, I know turmeric is not everybody’s favorite thing but I have to include this! With these three ingredients, this smoothie is totally anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting. Packed with loads of antioxidants, it’s not only great for your body but also your skin!

Benefit of this smoothie:

Ginger: Reduce muscle pain, lower blood pressure and improve heart disease risk factor, improve brain function ( Source )

Carrot: With rich Vitamin A, carrot can improve eye health. Other benefits including weight loss, reduce risk of cancer and lower blood cholesterol.

Turmeric: It’s a superfood with its natural anti-inflammatory compound. Also, turmeric improves brain function, useful in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and even depression!

Just a side note, if you want a bright skin, you can DIY your own turmeric mask! It’s extremely easy with 3 ingredients – water, turmeric powder and raw honey! I usually put this mask on 15 minutes and wash it off – all I can say is this works wonder to my face!

3. Fresh creamsicle Orange Smoothie

View full recipe on cupcakesandkalechips

I tried this orange smoothie and this almost taste like dessert! It’s incredibly delicious and I am sure this will be most of the kid’s favourite!

This recipe is more than just just orange and yogurt, check it out!

4. Avocado Ginger Mango smoothie

pouring a green smoothie into a glass
View full recipe on Ambitious Kitchen

Finally, it’s avocado day and you can tell with both mango and avocado in this recipe, the smoothie will be extremely creaming and almost like ice cream!

The benefit of avocado: With Vitamin C,E, B5, B6, K and potassium, it is incredibly nutritious to our body. It also loaded with heart-healthy fatty acids and the antioxidants can protect our eyes. Last but not least, it’s high in fiber and low in carbs, which can help us lose weight!

Questions: How to pick the right avocado?

I always look at the 5 warning signs that avocado may turn bad when it comes to picking the right one!

  • Overly soft with dented skin
  • Blackened skin
  • Dark, stringy flesh
  • Off flavour or odor
  • Mold ( A bit grey on the outside)

Hope that helps!

Source: Healthline

Benefit of mango:

Promote digestion and healthy gut, clears our skin and aid weight loss by aiding you to feel fuller in a long time!

5. Nourishing Blue Smoothie

Full recipe on xoxobella

Isn’t this really aesthetic to look at? I have wanted to make this dreamy smoothie for long since I saw this from Instagram. I always thought this is extremely hard to achieve this light blue but Bella’s recipe is really easy to follow! You can always leave some blueberries or raspberries to decorate on top! When you’re doing this smoothie, that should be the happy Friday! So feel free to spent few more relaxing time in your morning!

Wondering what is the secret ingredients to make this light blue? Check out Bella’s recipes!

6. Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Full recipe on Delightful Mom Food

One interesting fact about blueberry – it can makes you feel good! I am not kidding here! Packed with anti inflammatory compounds, it’s scientific proof shows that blueberry can reduce pain and increase the production of dopamine!

So yes, try this magical happy smoothie to enjoy your weekends!

7. Beetroot Energy Smoothie

Full recipe on Fuss Free Flavour

Last but not least, of course we shouldn’t forget beetroot! I know some of you refuse eating beetroot but personally, I love it so much! I can feel more energetic and refreshing after eating this superfood and it’s pretty impressive! Not only beetroot can maintain your heart health and reducing obesity risk. I mean, you should really try this easy 4-ingredients recipes!

Final thoughts:

So here are the 7 rainbow smoothie recipes! All these smoothies can be made in 10 minutes and with few ingredients so I really hope you guys can try it out! For me, making a smoothie is more than a habit but also a self-care thing, this also serves as a reminder for always taking my body as my first priority because this is simply irreplaceable. After all, we are all we eat, and our skin, hair and body will slowly reflect our diet in long term.

When I was in my early twenties, I don’t think there are food that can be delicious and healthy at the same time. My breakfast by that time was always the instant oatmeal, huge burger and coffee with loads of sugars. Despite being overweight, I just not feeling happy after eating these artificial sugars, I always wanted to crave for more and that is honestly a bit devastating.

In recent years, I am finally back to normal and finally feel more put together and happy after having my rolled oats + smoothie breakfast for most of the days. It’s not just fulfilling in the stomach but also in the heart.

I know I am talking too long here, but what I am trying to say is – TRY THESE SMOOTHIES OUT IF YOU ARE STILL HESITATING!

I hope this article can bring you some values and happiness :’) ! If you like this so far, can you do me a favor to pin this? This means a lot to me as a new food blogger! THANK YOU & VIRTUAL HUG! (I am practicing the social distance now … okay..not funny I know)