10 smoothies to keep you regular! For ultimate Constipation relief & weight loss!

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Well yes, today we are talking about all the high fiber laxative smoothies that make us …poop. While it is disgusting, we can’t deny that constipation is the crucial gut problem that annoys us nowadays! We’ve all been there, we eat healthily with a moderate portion in the fresh morning, we feel good but 2 hours down the road, our tummy is still bloated. I mean, WHY?? Bloating and constipation aren’t fun at all and this can severely affect our mood, from my personal experience, this can really affect the quality of life!

When it comes to gut health, here’s one funny quote that I want to share with you all:

You gut is not Las Vegas. What happens in the gut does not stay in the gut.

This is so true! In order to deal with constipation, we need to be more attentive in what we eat, even if they are healthy food! As a smoothie lover, I’ve tried countless of smoothie recipes. While they are all nutritious and packed with superfood, some smoothie will make me bloated. It takes me a long time to realise adding too much nuts or cashews will be hard for digestion. So after many trials and errors, here are the 10 smoothie for constipation relief and weight loss! Enjoy!


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Let’s be honest here, if you are suffering from severe bloating or constipation, here is your pitaya smoothie bowl, you are welcome!

I am really glad that more and more people using pitaya these days, as this is a great fruit the many people overlook! Here are some health benefits of Pitaya.

  1. Promote gut health: Improve the good bacteria in your gut and facilitate the digestion
  2. Strengthen Immune system: Prevent your body from cells damage and inflamtion
  3. Rich in nutrients yet very low in calories: With one cup of serving, it’s just 136 calories with 0% fat

Source: Healthline

2. Laxative Prune smoothie

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I wish I tried prune smoothie sooner because when it comes to relive constipation, this is so effective! Here are some main benefits of prune.

  1. Relieve Constipation: Prunes contain sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol that boosts your digestion system
  2. High in fiber: Prunes contain a rich amount of fibers that speed up the waste digestion rate in your gut
  3. Low in calories: Packed with amazing nutrients like Vitamin A, C,K, and potassium, it’s just 30 calories for one plum!


While you are excited to try this prune smoothie, DON’T ADD TOO MANY of them! Eating too many of them can cause diarrhea – yes, it is that effective! So, you can always start with 1/2 cup and see if your gut is fine with that.

Source: Healthline

3.Green and glowing smoothie

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If you are trying to get away from a green smoothie, NO WAY! Sorry for the tough love but YOU NEED green smoothie to detox your body and most importantly, to keep you regular again. This smoothie is packed with spinach and this is a magic food for our gut health!

Benefits of Spinach:

  1. High in fiber: Low in carbs but high in insoluble fiber, it adds bulk to the stool when food passes through our digestion system, which reduces the chance of constipation.
  2. Lower aging process: Packed with a rich amount of antioxidants, it can combat the oxidative stress (which cause aging in our body) and reduce the aging damage caused to our bodies
  3. Promote eye health: Rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, these compounds can protect our eyes from the sunlight UV damage.

With all the fresh and raw ingredients, I am sure you will feel extremely refreshed and good after drinking it! Besides spinach, this recipe also includes many other ingredients to make this smoothie truly best in flavor! Check this out!

*If you don’t have spinach at the moment, you can always replace it with kale and Swiss chard! ( Recent favourite! )

4. Kiwi Pear smoothie bowl

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This kiwi pear smoothie is just pleasant to look at! Despite the fact that it is aesthetically amazing, this can promote gut health with kiwi and hemp seeds!

Kiwi benefits:

  1. Aid Digestion: Despite the fact that kiwi is high in fiber, it contains a proteolytic enzyme called actinidin that can help break down protein. (If you are bloated with a protein shake, you have to try this kiwi smoothie!)
  2. Boost Immune system: Rich in Vitamin C, kiwi can boost your immune system and help you stay strong with the flu or cold.

Source: Heathline

Hemp seed benefits:

  • Great Source of Plant-Based Protein: Nearly 1/4 of the calories come from protein, which is incredibly high! (Also great for plant-based diet too! )
  • Help with digestion: It includes both soluble and insoluble fiber to promote our gut health

Source: Healthline

Despite kiwi and hemp seed, this lovely recipe also includes other greens too! It’s surprising that it doesn’t taste grassy at all, try it, you will be surprised!


Matcha green tea smoothie topped with a sprinkle of dessicated coconut in a glass with a striped green and white straw.
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Alright, let’s talk about my favourite of all time – Matcha smoothie! I mean, you have to try it!

Matcha has become one of the hottest trend food ( or powder ) these days and they are truly packed with loads of benefits! Not only it’s high in antioxidants, prevent cancer and boost brain function, but this can also potentially help you lose weight!

In a survey conducted by Oxford Academic in 2008, the report shows that taking green tea extract during moderate exercise increased fat burning by 17%! That’s incredible! No wonder many weight loss supplements will also state that they have added the “Green tea extract” for their products!

If you haven’t tried Matcha smoothie yet, what are you waiting for?


Although Matcha contains less caffeine content than regular coffee, it still packed with caffeine to some extent. So I always prefer drink matcha in the morning and consume it in moderate proportion.

6. Beet smoothie

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Beet smoothie is one of the strongest DIY remedy to deal with constipation and bloating. This recipe is also gluten free too!

Benefits of beetroots:

  1. Good fiber source: It can promote digestive health, keep you regular and prevent digestive conditions like constipation and diverticulitis
  2. May help you lose weight: Low in calories and high in fiber, it can reduce people’s appetite and promoting the feeling of fullness

This is definitely one of the beauty food for ladies! For me, I even treat this as my energy drink before workout as beetroot can always boost physical performance!

Source: Healthline

7. Banana smoothie

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Banana smoothie! Happy, fulfilling, easy smoothie for both kids and adults! When you are in a rush but still want to fix your gut, a banana smoothie is always here for you!

While banana is sweet and so delicious that you once doubt it is beneficial to our body, it is! Here are some benefits of bananas!

  1. Improve gut health: Banana contains two types of fiber ( Pectin and Resistant Starch ) that become beneficial fiber in our gut.
  2. Help weight loss: Packed with resistant starch, it is extremely filling and reduces appetite too!

There are countless banana smoothie out there but this one is the most delicious one! For sometimes, I will serve this as midnight dessert and it instantly satisfy my sweet cravings!

8.Cucumber apple cider smoothie

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With cucumber and apple cider, you can tell it is a refreshing drink! If you are bored with drinking lemon water, cucumber coconut cider water will be a perfect choice to fight bloating!

Health benefits of cucumber:

1.Promote regular bowel movement: As cucumber is extremely high in water, it ensures that the digestion system is hydrated enough and reduce the possibilities of constipation.

2. High in fiber: Pectin, a soluble compound in cucumber can fasten the movement of intestinal muscles and promote gut health

Source: Healthline

Health benefits of apple cider:

1.Improve digestion: Apple cider can improve the acidity of your stomach and help your digestion system produce more enzymes to break down the protein.

2. Address PCOS: While many people may not know, apple cider is good for women with PCOS. A study shows that with regular consumption of apple cider, it can increase the hormone levels and help regulate the period cycles.

Source: Healthline

9. Kale Apple smoothie

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We all know how healthy kale is but when it comes to kale smoothie, I know many of us may hesitate. No worries! With the sweetness of apple, it’s not too grassy to taste! Plus, we can always add a spoon of raw honey to make level up the taste of it!

Benefits of kale:

  1. Loss Weight Friendly Food: With low calorie and high water content, it’s low energy density can be beneficial to weight loss.
  2. Rich in antioxidants: Packed with antioxidants like flavonoids, these can help combat our body aging and recover the body damage to some extent.

Source: Healthline

Benefits of apple:

  1. Extremely nutritious: Packed with loads of compounds like fiber, water, antioxidants, and more!
  2. Low GI food: Although it is sweet in taste, apple is considered as one of the low GI food that helps stabilize our blood sugar level, which is useful to maintain our weight.

Source: Healthline

This kale apple smoothie is so refreshing to taste, try it!

10. Papaya smoothie

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Last but not least, another favorite smoothie for constipation relief – papaya smoothie! This tropical fruit is not only delicious but also promote our gut health. For me, papaya smoothie can heal my gut every time!

Health benefits of papaya:

  1. Improve digestion: Packed with the enzyme, it makes protein digestion easier. Besides relief constipation, it also relieves bloating to a large extent.
  2. Fight inflammation: papaya is high in carotenoids and this can fight the inflammation in bodies, which in long term, prevent many chronic diseases

Source: Healthline

I always have constipation when I go travel and I always get used to it. But one time when I travel Bali ( A tropical place in Asia) and I ordered a papaya smoothie every single morning, guess what, my gut has never been better even I eat lots of snacks during the traveling! This papaya smoothie is my ultimate natural laxative to go for, you won’t be disappointed!


So here are the 10 smoothies that keep you regular and combat constipation! I hope you guys will love this idea! As a smoothie lover, it takes me some time to realize not all the healthy food and smoothie is good for our guts and this really varies from person to person! While it seems a bit sad, but it’s true that someone may get bloated with nuts while some don’t. After examining my ingredients for the smoothie and follow these 10 recipes, I can notice a great improvement in my gut health! No more constipation, no more bloating and it’s true that I am slightly happier in my days too!

“Your gut is linked to nearly every facet of your health, from your immune system to your mood.”

Gut health is so important and constipation can be a big deal if we overlook for a long time! Follow this easy recipes and safeguard your tummy today!

I hope this article can bring you some values and happiness :’) ! If you like this so far, can you do me a favor to pin this? This means a lot to me as a new food blogger! THANK YOU & VIRTUAL HUG! 

10 constipation relief smoothies to keep you regular